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ARMOR is a boutique advisory service that is not interested in evaluating new work based solely on the greatest financial gain.


ARMOR wants to partner with banks, credit unions and other firms where its involvement comes with the best return on its client's time, resources and passion - where it can make the biggest difference.


ARMOR also wants to ensure that it is focused on its current client, giving them its full attention. As such, it limits its annual workload based on that philosophy.


The number of clients taken on each year will be based largely on those noted factors, but will also take into account the type of work, the folks involved, the level of involvement by the Board and Senior Management and the overall need of the client.

There are no geographic limitations to the services provided, whether in-person or remote.


Travel or remote arrangements can be discussed for Projects or Consulting.


ARMOR is flexible based on special circumstances, but generally business hours are observed between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

ARMOR is generally closed on Saturdays and Sundays, but if there is a need, exceptions can be made.

ARMOR offers a number of Consulting Services that may be performed remotely or on-site, depending on location and need. These services are likely to be billed hourly because they do not usually require as much time or involve as many resources.


In addition, ARMOR offers a host of project services that, like Consulting Services may be conducted remotely or in person, but are usually billed at a flat rate because they generally require a more substantial time investment.


By providing a flat fee quote for these Project Services, ARMOR can provide quality service without the risk of being constrained by time and the firm can be guaranteed a lower price tag that will not be a moving target if the estimated workload increases. ARMOR will absorb any such increase that exceeds the initial service quote.

In today's regulatory environment, you need to:

--have effective and sustainable compliance programs;

--ensure that your risks are identified; appropriate controls are in place; the tone at the top is dynamic and engaged; personnel are well-prepared with adequate resources to execute their responsibilities; and that operations are effective and tailored to your organization;

--know your historical record, your present conditions and your strategic plan going forward; and

--appreciate how change impacts everything that you do and how it colors every decision that you make.

When it's time to 'suit up', engage:

--A seasoned, experienced, practical advisor to provide you with that extra layer of protection that you need.

--An individual that can partner with you to determine how to improve your organization through informed conversation, common sense application and practical execution.

--A person who can provide you with options, prescriptive advice, hands on tutelage or a host of other services ranging up to complete end-to-end reviews or acting as a temporary officer to move your program forward.

--A woman who has the tangible knowledge to deliver on a promise, speak with high-ranking individuals, provide constructive input and offer decisive insight that is proven in a financial services world.

--A strategist who can influence outcomes, think at 30,000 feet and is not afraid to act at 30 feet.

--A leader passionate about compliance, consumer protection, risk management and financial transactions.

--A business advisor who is doing something that is meaningful to her, rather than a job or career into which she fell with serendipity.


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