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"It is well-established that you can get ahead by either making others look bad, which naturally makes you look better even though you have done nothing; or by simply working hard and getting noticed, which is how I always operated. I challenge that there is a third way that I learned as a leader at the Fed. By lifting other people up we raise ourselves higher."

"It starts with the Board and Senior Management. They must be well-informed and fully engaged. They need to stop allowing approval without review. If you are signing off on something, that means you have fully vetted it, understand it and can have an educated conversation about it."

"Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability."

"Relationship building is the most important thing we do everyday and communication is the hardest. Ironically, the latter can destroy the former in a word."

"Would I be comfortable and proud of this Program if it was mine? If the answer to either is 'no', then there is work to be done. Someone's business is not my rental car; to treat as though it is inferior to my own vehicle."

"The two most important tools in any toolbox are strong communication and detailed documentation."

"It's not acceptable to think outside the box because in doing so, we serve the illusion that there is a box. Operate from the perspective that anything is possible, then oddly enough, anything is."

"Without a strong and truly dynamic risk assessment, in conjunction with a formal change mechanism, no Program can be effective or sustainable."

"A spill or pollution upstream in your Program results in downstream toxicity and impact. Yet, banks all too often try to spot clean without going back to the source of the problem. Think now; future facing; AND retroactively."

"The desire to make money and the humanity to do the right thing do not need to be at odds with one another."

"Conversation is the currency of a relationship and we should all be making more deposits."

"When you really challenge people on language and dig down into their words, it is discouraging how often you cannot find the bottom."

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